Beauty and passion

by Mrs Miura

This is my first post on this blog, so let’s talk a little about the aim, the meaning, the ideas behind the words I’m going to write.
I’m not English-speaking, so if you read my posts and find some strange periphrasis, that’s why.
This blog is about three first subject: classic cars, art, and the rest of our lives.
I became interested in classic car very early, I remember the first magazineabout classic cars I’ve bought, there was a big white Caddy on the cover and a girl with Santa Claus hat, it was December, and when I’ve opened the magazine and found all that bright chrome, that glossy paint, that astonishing shapes, I’ve understood what was my true passion.
Passion for art came later, thanks to people I’ve meet and who have make me understand the importance of personal expression and, overall, of true Beauty.
So this is a question for you: what is Passion?
I now work in a completely different field, because true life very often doesn’t care about passion, but she’s still here with me, cheering my evenings and remembering me that life is not only what must be done, but also, and above all, what we love to do.
What you read here is merely my opinions, sometimes based on someone else’s ones.
But beauty is accessible to everyone, with a simple sight.